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Vitaflo 9/30/2022

Vitaflo continues to monitor the status of the ongoing metabolic formula supply interruption in the US, and we are aware of the recent announcement of numerous PKU products impacted by ingredient supply shortages.
We want to give you an update on supply status of Vitaflo formulas and what we are doing to support the community during this time.

The Vitaflo team is prepared to serve those in the metabolic community who need to
find other suitable formula options:

  • We continue to offer the full array of Vitaflo formulas. Currently, Vitaflo is not
    facing or anticipating ingredient supply challenges. We have reviewed our
    product stock levels and have increased them.
  • We are working closely with our supply chain to meet the increased demand for
    formula in the US for individuals with PKU and the larger Inherited Metabolic
    Disease community.
  • We are sampling all Vitaflo products except for PKU trio Unflavored which will be
    available early October.
  • In response to the recent PKU product supply shortage, we have created a list of
    Vitaflo alternative formulas for individuals with PKU. This list will be provided to
    metabolic dietitians who can help you decide which formula options are right for

To contact Vitaflo customer service Monday-Friday, 9 am to 5 pm ET, please call or
email at:
· Tel: 1-888-848-2356
· Email: [email protected]


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