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Stephanie F. | California | Patient Age: 3 | Disorder: PKU

Since the shut down of the Abbott facility we have been struggling to transition our toddler to a new formula. She has not liked the taste of others we have tried so far. This is extremely stressful and terrifying! We can’t make a toddler drink something she doesn’t like. She doesn’t understand how important it is and can’t just suck it up until her favorite Phenex-2 is back. As a parent we do our best and hardest to provide everything she needs to be healthy and happy…. It’s beyond words to describe the fears we have when this is now called in to question since we are unable to access her formula. This is a crisis, an emergency, for ALL infants, children, and adults who rely on formula of all kinds; it needs to be treated as such a crisis. I hope the FDA and the government will begin to see this as a priority because currently it doesn’t appear to me that it’s being treated with the urgency that it should be. It’s really upsetting. I see parents in stores even trying to buy infant formula and they can’t. Just today I overheard a woman on the phone asking her family member cities away to look for formula for her baby at the stores there. Like really? The fact that this conversation of that mom ever needed to exist is ridiculous! This is just unfathomable. Getting this factory up and producing formula should be a top priority for all entities involved!