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Rebecca J. | North Carolina | Patient Age: 3 | Disorder: PKU

This has been a huge challenge! We have not been able to transition to a new product and are so thankful that we have enough supply to continue holding out for a resolution. Unfortunately, the supply is not limitless and one day soon we will be forced to transition regardless of whether our daughter wants a different product or the same one she has had whole life and loves. If you’ve ever tried to force someone to drink something they don’t want to drink, much less a toddler to do something they don’t want to do, then you understand the challenge. Unfortunately, this isn’t a preference, it’s a need. She cannot survive much less thrive on the limited foods she can eat if she doesn’t get her formula. Please lift the hold! If this plant has reopened to produce non-metabolic formula, as I understand it has, why can’t they produce metabolic formula? Why can’t Abbott make this formula at a different plant? There ought to be some solution when lives are literally on the line without access to this life-giving product!