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Nutricia 10/19/2022

Key ingredients for Nutricia Phenylade products are in short supply, which means that some products cannot be manufactured and an in-stock date cannot be provided. For others, Nutricia is working to manufacture and release the products as soon as possible.

The following was provided by Nutricia (click to expand each section). You may download the update here in PDF form.

Notes on the products listed below:

  • If a product comes in cans and pouches, make sure your clinic writes an Rx for either/both so that you can more easily obtain whatever is available from your supplier
  • Based on current usage, we expect to have enough stock of PhenylAde GMP Drink Mix (cans), PhenylAde Essential Orange (pouches) and PhenylAde 40 to provide formula for approximately 3‐5 months. We will be fulfilling current PhenylAde Essential Vanilla (can only) backorders.
Products in stock and available for ordering (as of 10/20/2022)
PhenylAde GMP Drink Mix – Vanilla (Cans)
PhenylAde GMP ULTRA – Vanilla
PhenylAde 60 Drink Mix – Unflavored (Cans)
PhenylAde AA Blend (Cans & Pouches)
PhenylAde MTE AA Blend (Cans & Pouches)
PhenylAde Essential – Orange (Pouches)
Products back in stock within 30 days. Timelines based on best estimate (as of 10/20/2022)
 PhenylAde GMP Drink Mix – Plain (Cans)
 PhenylAde GMP Mix‐In – (Cans & Pouches)
 PhenylAde GMP READY – Plain
 PhenylAde GMP ULTRA ‐ Lemonade
 PhenylAde 60 Drink Mix – Vanilla (Cans & Pouches), Unflavored (Pouches)
 PhenylAde 40 Drink Mix – Citrus/Unflavored
 PhenylAde PheBLOC LNAA – Powder
 PKU Periflex LQ Berry Creme
 TYR Lophlex GMP Mix‐In
 Duocal & Liquigen: We are filling backorders as product becomes available
Products – Out of Stock – No timeline yet for return
PhenylAde Essential – Can & Pouches
PhenylAde PheBLOC LNAA ‐ Tablets