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Melissa S. | Maryland | Patient Age: 5 | Disorder: PKU

The formula shortage is creeping towards us. We are waiting for over half of her monthly order to come in and one of the boxes that did come in was only half full. This is TERRIFYING because she is on formula for life. Alice can only have 10 grams of natural protein in her daily diet and she gets 30 grams from her formula. If she gets less she doesnt have enough protein and calories that her body needs to continue to grow and develop so her levels actually go higher, which long term effects are brain damage and neurological issues. Her Phenylade GMP is how she survives – this formula has the amino acid her body cannot process -phenylalanine- taken out so that she can actually have the protein her body needs. We can’t go to the store and buy her that 30g of protein. Praying hard right now for this problem to be resolved for all of our babies.