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Megan B. | Texas | Health Care Provider

I am a health care provider (dietitian) with a metabolics clinic in Austin, Texas. This formula shortage has been a nightmare for our patients, their parents, and the providers. There is no substitute often times for a specific product a patient is on. They cannot survive without their formulas. The two other companies that supply metabolic products are so overwhelmed with orders that everything is on backorder. Patients will tart to become sick and be admitted and they will STILL not have the formula they need. This is a HUGE stress and absolutely not acceptable. We have ZERO options for these families. When your child is sick, you at least know the hospital is there for you. They do not have this option. We have nothing to offer these families now due to shortages to feed their children. I dread every day and knowing what to say or do for these families and getting screamed at by worried parents that we don’t have a solution.