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Maridith B. | Florida | Patient Age: 21 | Disorder: PKU

I am Maridith Baker and I have PKU. I have been on Phenex-2 since I was only a couple of days old. My current prescription is 220 grams of Phenex a day mixed with 40 ounces of water a day until I was not able to get this formula anymore. I immediately began to worry about what I would be going to have to deal with in order to remain having healthy brain development that I get from this formula and that I have gotten for the past 21 years of my life. I began the hard journey of trying many different formulas that I did not like and some I could not even bear to smell. Not only was finding a formula that was barable difficult to do, but I also had to make sure it would be covered with my insurance and if not by my insurance then with the state. Just finding out what kind of formulas can be covered can take many many phone calls, many many emails, and many may hours… which it did. Finally I found a formula (Glytactin Ready to Drink GMP Chocolate) I can bare and get my hands on until Phenex-2 is back on the market. Of course Phenex-2 is what I hope to start drinking again soon as possible as I find myself craving it daily. This past year has been crazy with Phenex-2 formula changes happening. The Phenex-2 formulation was changed not too long ago and it took me months to completely transition to this new formulation of the same formula. This being said, anyone could imagine how difficult it could be to have to change to a completely different formula; which is now having to happen to the PKUers that are on Abbott formulas. This is a tremendously difficult time for many people with medibolic disorders including myself and we need to get these Abbott products back on the shelves as soon as possible. This is for the brain health in patients!