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Lisa T. | Tennessee | Patient Age: 8 yrs old | Disorder: MSUD

Even though I do not use Abbott products the shortage has caused all of the other brands to become unavailable too. We had a fairly good emergency supply of cans. That is now gone. Due to the shortage when I did get cans they were all of the same expiration date. So everything expired at once. The cans I am using right now are two months expired. We have been extremely stressed over this. The lack of any other possible option for our child’s health is frightening. We are having to transition to a new formula next month if I cannot receive any more of her current formula. That is if we can find an available supply of another brand. I am sure that will come with digestion upset and taste issues. It is so frightening for families in our position to face the situation. With typical babies even with a shortage other food products may be used to supplement. We have no options!!! This is our child’s life in these companies hands.