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Kylee G. | Michigan | Patient Age: 34 | Disorder: PKU

To the best of my knowledge my metabolic formula is not one manufactured by Abbott, (it’s a Nutricia product) however, I believe the shortage has caused more people to switch formulas creating higher demand on some of the formulas that were not originally affected. I called in my prescription refill for my formula 3 days ago and received a call yesterday that it will not be in stock until June which could be 8 weeks away from today. I only have four cans left at my house right now and will have to try to switch to a different metabolic formula even though there are none available to me that do not contain an allergen of mine. I am very allergic to dairy and also very sensitive to Canola oil and artificial sweeteners. There are literally no other formulas that I can use, but will have to find the best one to tolerate until my supplier is back in stock.