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Kelly M. | New York | Patient Age: 26 | Disorder: Maple Syrup Urine Disease

My son is 26 years old and has a lot of struggles due to his metabolic disease, with several hospitalizations over the years. It’s hard enough hoping you don’t have a metabolic crisis, but to now not have the medical food to help him is just not right. Connor is a financial planner and overall healthy and we are blessed how far he has come after all his metabolic crisis’s especially in the early years when growth was so important. Please please release the Ketonex 2. This is an urgent matter, this is a matter of life and death. My son has been missing work on and off for weeks due to not having enough of his Ketonex 2, hard enough trying to explain why he’s not well is a challenge on its own. Please help us! We have strong faith and pray we and all families will get through this!