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Kala M. | Wyoming | Patient Age: 2 year old | Disorder: PKU

We do not use any of the Abbott formulas however the trickle effect of the situation is now directly effecting our ability to get what we need from Nutricia. Those in this community that were directly effected are now consuming the supply from other distributors and manufactures. This month I was told that our son’s formula was on backorder, and they had no dates of when it started or when it will end. Being told that your son will not receive the one thing that his mind and body needs to stay healthy and develop normally is a really really REALLY hard pill to swallow. There is no substitute for these medical formulas used for the treatment of PKU, this is all we have. Without it my son with suffer from starvation, and to avoid starvation he will suffer brain damage. Which would you pick for your child?? These metabolic formulas are not optional, and should not be held at an Abbott facility if not effected by the recall. The trickle effect is detrimental to the PKU community.