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Jessica T. | Maine | Patient Age: 24 | Disorder: PKU

I am 24 years old and have been drinking Phenex2 my whole life. I tried to switch formulas many times before, only for convenience reasons but ultimately stuck with Phenex2 because it’s the only formula that I genuinely enjoy. There is no other formula I can tolerate the taste of and it is affecting my levels drastically. It is stressful for me because I’ve been working so hard to stay on diet and get my levels back to normal since having a baby 8 months ago, and without my formula it is literally impossible. I’ve tried all the samples and no other formula will work for me no matter how hard I try to force it down and I know of many people who feel the same way! So many PKU patients rely on Phenex2 and other Abbott formulas, and some people have been taking them for longer than I have. There are so few resources for people like us and for our main one to be taken away from us just like that is so frustrating and scary.