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Jessica E. | Michigan | Patient Age: 7 | Disorder: PKU

My daughter has drank Phenex since 4 days old. She has tried other drinks to try an offer a flavor change for her. She only likes Phenex! Switching to a different kind has been difficult and at times she will not finish the new formula which causes many issues. We slowly starting adding the new flavor to the limited Phenex to slowly introduce the change, she noticed immediately. The hardest thing about this shortage- is to take away something your child likes and has became use to on a daily schedule when they already have such a strict diet. It is hard to explain to a 7 year old the reasonings on why she has to change to something she doesn’t like. I often feel that all she hears at this young age is, no you can’t have that either. She was able to get a supply from abbot recently, and it was a very exciting moment for her and a relief feeling for our family. I do really hope more phenex and other medical formulas will be available again soon. So all people that need these things can enjoy their treatments.