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Jessica B. | Wyoming | Patient Age: 5 | Disorder: PKU

My daughter ran out of metabolic formula and we have been able to find ANY supplier that has her formula in stock. We have been scrounging to find her formula because it is NOT easy to transition to a completely different product. After multiple phone calls over days, our clinic was finally able to find our formula, but of a different flavor. This also is not easy to have to completely switch how a formula tastes to a FIVE year old, without warning or transition. It is really upsetting that our formula isn’t even a PART of the Abbott products, yet ALL of us are still affected by this. This has created a domino effect of supply shortage to ALL metabolic formulas. As a parent, I have never been so stressed out. Each day I wonder when (and if) I will ever be able to order her usual formula again. She struggles to drink the new flavor because she has been on the SAME formula since she was ONE year old. This has been a tough transition and we are stuck wondering when we can go back to normal.