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Jennifer C. | Oregon | Patient Age: 46 | Disorder: PKU

I don’t use a product made by Abbott. However, the Abbott shut down has affected my ability to obtain the metabolic food product I am prescribed, called Phenylade MTE. It is one of the few metabolic foods I can have, due to some digestive intolerances, that are layered on top of my PKU metabolic disorder. Because of the Abbott shut down, the company, Nutricia, which I use, has been hit with high demand from patients who use Abbott and are needing to find another product to manage their metabolic disorder in a hurry. This isn’t like just popping over to another store to get a different infant formula. These metabolic foods have to be prescribed by a doctor and sometimes approved by insurance. And, because PKU, as well as other metabolic disorders affected by the shutdown, are rare, so is the production of the metabolic foods that is prescribed to us. I am currently out of my prescribed metabolic foods product. I am a wife & mother. I am a tax paying citizen and a vital member of my community. However, right now I am exhausted, I’m having almost constant migraine headaches. I am having memory issues. I can become more easily overwhelmed and emotionally fragile. I am malnourished! Even writing this letter today, was a greater mental challenge than it normally would be, and I didn’t want to do it. But, I knew I had to push through the difficulty concentrating and the migraine pain because I have to advocate for myself, even if it took 3x longer than it should. This hardship is through no fault of my own, In fact I work very hard on my nutrition and health. All of this is simply because I cannot access the prescribed metabolic food I need and which my insurance is willing to pay for…all because of the Abbott shutdown. I’m urging you, the FDA, to please move forward on reopening Abbott for the production of metabolic foods.