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Jason M. | Texas | Patient Age: 8 | Disorder: Phenylketonuria

Thankfully we had some spare Phenex on hand so that we could immediately order the competing Periflex and phase our daughter over to it. This is a struggle as the Periflex caused her digestion issues and she hates the taste. Phenex she may vocalize complaints to having but she would rarely actually fight us on taking this required supplement to keep her healthy and stable.

While PKU is manageable the shake is one of the core components required to help keep her functioning mentally and her tummy more full. She only can have about 3 grams of protein a day which is rather restrictive when almost everything comes with protein so we rely on the shake to offset some of that.

When our last cans of Phenex run out by the end of the month it is going to be very tough to get her to consistently finish her shake.

At that point our next MAJOR concern will be the crippled capacity within the market for this required shake. The one company cannot support the full load of double the demand… with the supply chain already constrained it only compounds the issue. They can ramp up all they want but they will likely hit shortages. Get whatever you need fixed fixed, inspected, repaired, whatever so that patients with disorders and live healthily.