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Heidi M. | Utah | Patient Age: 14 | Disorder: PKU

We are STRUGGLING. Being a growing teenage boy with PKU is hard enough as it is. Keeping him full is nearly impossible. He has been a faithful drinker of Phenex-2 unflavored (and in infancy Phenex-1) for his entire life. We have tried EVERY other formula product on the market, and none others can be tolerated like Phenex-2. Our son recently started a weights and sports training program to go along with his competitive basketball at school, and the loss of the formula in our day to day life has made a big impact. We are having to force our son to drink alternative formulas to sustain his energy, but it is very painful – both to drink, and to watch. He consumes a massive amount – about 80 oz. per day (40 Tablespoons + 80 oz water) of Phenex-2, and we’re lucky if we can get him to drink half of that in the other options he has been given. We just want him to be able to grow and not feel hungry, especially during this critical time of growth. Restoring Phenex-2’s availability will be life changing for us.