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Donna L. | New York | Patient Age: 21 | Disorder: PKU

My son who has PKU is about to face a more difficult situation with the loss of the one formula he tolerates very well. To adequately receive the needed amount of daily protein, vitamins and minerals, he drinks a combination of formulas. However, Abbott’s Phenex-2 is one to provide all of the above, including much needed calories while mixing only with water. He can only drink the other formulas when mixed in an excessive amount of juices, but those contain protein. The unflavored Phenex-2 is also a formula that I know my son will finish; he’s been drinking it for most of his life. He is almost out of formula and will be forced to try something new, which he doesn’t usually tolerate well. Also, other companies have been out of samples for him to try and I understand they don’t have enough supply for the added demand which is now affecting others who use those formulas. This disorder was difficult to handle before the freeze on production, but is about to increase ten fold. There are already so many restrictions for those with metabolic disorders. Please, permit Abbott to resume production of their metabolic formulas as soon as possible.