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Ariadne E. | Illinois | Patient Age: 25 | Disorder: PKU

While I don’t use Abbott products, the shut down has caused the people that do to switch formulas. Now my usual formula is backordered and I also have to switch. I’ve been using Phenylade MTE Amino Acid Blend for probably close to 20 years. I’ve sampled some others before, but formula is often an *acquired* taste, and this one is what I’m used to. After a couple weeks of calling my formula rep and dietician constantly, they were able to send a couple cans of Periflex Advance the day before I ran completely out of formula. They had also sent a sample of another formula, but I couldn’t even finish one serving because it tasted so bad. Luckily, I managed to figure out a way to tolerate the Periflex, but this whole situation has been scary and stressful and I would really like to just have my Phenylade back. I’ve just had to order more formula because the case they sent is running low already, but I haven’t heard from them and don’t know which formula I’ll get or when it’s coming. I’ve always liked having PKU, but this situation has kind of slapped me in the face with how painfully reliant I am on these products. The FDA says they know how important formula is to the IEM community; I don’t think they do.