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Amy K. | Illinois | Patient Ages: 16, 12, 11 | Disorder: PKU

When Abbott changed Phenex 2 a year and a half ago, we sampled almost every other formula out there. My children could not drink any of it and decided instead, to try to get used to the new Phenex 2. They were able to drink one glass a day. Then, worked their way slowly up to 3 glasses a day. Two months ago, we ran out of Phenex 2 and due to the shut down, have not been able to get anymore. We only had 2 other options to try, since my children do not like any other formula. Those two were pills and a granola bar. My children don’t swallow pills well and these pills are HUGE. They would have to take 12 a day for ONE milk. That means they would have to try to swallow THIRTY SIX pills a day to get in their normal formula intake. The granola bars taste awful. My children TRY to eat them, but the youngest one cries. I don’t think we’ve gotten her to eat a full bar total in the last two months. That means that my children have basically not had anything for the last two months. They need their Phenex 2. This has been extremely stressful for all of us. Since they are not getting their formula, they can’t think straight and have a hard time controlling their emotions. It’s hard enough on them coming out of a pandemic and now this.