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Nutricia 7/15/2022

We are pleased to provide an update on our metabolic stock and report that our supply
continues to improve daily with most items in stock currently.

  • We are proud to report that PhenylAde® GMP ULTRA Vanilla and PhenylAde Essentials
    Strawberry and Orange are now back in stock.
  • We are also pleased to announce the availability of PhenylAde® GMP Drink Mix Plain
    (Original) in a can. This is a new option for those seeking a plain product in a can.
  • As reported before, our metabolic infant formula supply has been and continues to be

We expect more products to be available late July into early August, these include

  • PhenylAde® GMP Mix‐In (pouches)
  • PhenylAde® Essential Chocolate (pouches)
  • PhenylAde® Essential Vanilla (cans)
  • Periflex® Advance Unflavored
  • Periflex® LQ Berry
  • PhenylAde MTE AA Blend (pouches)
  • PKU Lophlex® Juicy Tropical
  • Complex MSD Junior
  • MSUD Lophlex® LQ
  • MSUD Maxamum®

Please speak to your healthcare provider if you cannot access your Nutricia metabolic product for any reason. In cooperation with them, we can help find solutions – we are here for you.
If you have questions about your order, please contact our Customer Service team ([email protected]). If you have product questions, you can reach our Medical Affairs team at [email protected]. Both teams can also be reached via phone at 1‐800‐365‐7354.

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