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Abbott, 9/12/2022

Thank you for your continued patience as we work to return our formula products to the market as soon as possible. Upon reopening our Sturgis, Mich. manufacturing facility in early July, we
prioritized the production our specialty products including metabolic products. The first metabolic products released, ProViMin® and Calcilo XD®, are shipping now in the U.S.

Please see below for the estimated U.S. metabolic product release of product manufactured after the facility restart through January 2023. After product is released, it can take up to four weeks for products to be available through standard channels such as home medical suppliers, distributors, and state programs.

Please note that while the release timing listed is our best estimate, the dates may shift. Restarting a large manufacturing facility after a several-month shutdown is a complex process, and it takes time to ensure that equipment, processes, and production are functioning smoothly and sustainably. It’s taken us time to ramp up production consistently. There have been- and likely will be- stops and starts from time to time. We’ve experienced events like severe weather, we’ve had to make mechanical adjustments, and we’ve had to discard some early production batches that didn’t meet our standards.

Estimated Release Month for the U.S. Product
September 2022
Calcilo®, ProViMin® (released and shipping to standard channels)
October 2022
Pro-Phree®, Ketonex®-1 and 2, Phenex®-1, Similac PM 60/40®, Cyclinex®-1, I-Valex®-1, Glutarex®-1, Propimex®-1
November 2022
Phenex-2 Unflavored and Vanilla, I-Valex-2, Cyclinex-2, Hominex-2, Tyrex®-2, Glutarex-2, Propimex-2
January 2023
Hominex-1, Tyrex-1

Additionally, Abbott has sufficient supply of all our metabolic products to support urgent patient needs in the United States through the Abbott Metabolic Formulas Urgent Needs Program until newly manufactured metabolic product is released. If you need product urgently, please contact your health care professional.

Full statement here.