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Abbott 1/18/2023

Abbott has provided the following update on the manufacturing timeline for metabolic formulas. Read the full update here.

The following metabolic products are now shipping in the U.S.: Glutarex®-1, I-Valex®-1, Ketonex®-1, Propimex®-1, and Pro-Phree ® In addition, there are updates to anticipated release dates for other metabolic products and the revised schedule is reflected in the table below. Please note that while the release  timings reflect our best estimate, the dates may shift. After these products are released, it can take up to four weeks for products to be available through standard channels such as home medical suppliers, distributors, and state programs.
Where product is not available commercially or through standard channels, we continue to operate Abbott’s Metabolic Formulas Urgent Needs Program in the U.S. and have sufficient supply to support urgent patient needs. This program will remain active and available for patients who need these important products until the newly manufactured metabolic products are available through standard channels.

Currently Shipping ProViMin®, Calcilo XD® & Phenex® – 1 (Urgent Needs Program Ended) Glutarex®-1, I-Valex®-1, Ketonex®-1, Propimex®-1, Pro-Phree (Urgent Needs Program Ending February 28, 2023)
February 2023 Similac PM 60/40®
April 2023 Cyclinex®-1, Cyclinex® -2, Glutarex®-2, Hominex®-1, Hominex®-2, I-Valex®-2, Phenex®-2 Unflavored and Vanilla, Propimex®-2, Tyrex®-1, Tyrex®-2, Ketonex®-2